Advisory Board

Photo of Michael Coyne Michael Coyne, a professor of special education at the University of Connecticut, has extensive experience using a push-in model to supplement reading instruction.
Photo of Kathy Gavin M. Katherine Gavin, author of the M2 and M3 mathematics curriculums, has expertise in mathematics instruction and content for gifted students.
Photo of Emily Mofield Emily Mofield, an assistant professor in the College of Education at Lipscomb University,  has coauthored numerous award-winning books on resilience and collaborative teaching models.
Photo of Scott Peters Scott J. Peters, a professor at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, has conducted extensive research in improving identification of underserved populations.
Photo of Rena Subotnic Rena Subotnik, director of the Esther Katz Rosen Center for Gifted Education Policy at the American Psychological Association, recently co-edited a volume on developing human potential in different domains, including mathematics.
Photo of Carol Ann Tomlinson Carol Ann Tomlinson, a professor at the University of Virginia, made instructional and curricular differentiation strategies applicable for classroom teachers.